Casinos with Microgaming

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Microgaming software is one of the first software developers to have broken into the market of online casino gambling. Having first opened its doors in 1994, Microgaming is indeed a well-known name brand, for all ardent casino online players, the world over.

Microgaming software began its illustrious casino online integration career by teaming up with the first ever online casino, namely, InterCasino, in 1996, and has gone on to provide well over 70 casino online gambling sites with top-notch gaming titles, products and services to date. That means that for well over 20 years, Microgaming has been at the helm of providing good times gaming entertainment for all the millions of avid casino online gaming site players, globally. Not a small feat indeed.

Being a multiple award-winning software company, Microgaming surely does deliver on its promise to give every casino online player a great time, while playing their plethora of games.

What Type of Games Does Microgaming Offer Players?

Given that Microgaming software offers well over 850 gaming titles for players to choose from, makes Microgaming software a company in a league of their own.

From innovative slot game titles, to video poker titles, to a whole host of table games titles, and as well as great Progressive Jackpot gaming titles, Microgaming software has every type of game available for players to play.

Did you know that Microgaming created the Progressive Jackpot game that saw the biggest Jackpot win from an online casino in history to date? A winner won €17,879,645 – an absolute world first in the world of casino online gaming.

Not only is Microgaming full compatible with desktop versions of casino online gambling sites, but there is also a downloadable version of the software, which promises a sturdy, fully functional gaming platform for all users to further enjoy their favourite Microgaming software casino online game on.

For all those players that prefer to take their gaming good times on the go, wherever they may find themselves, Microgaming has them covered too, with their Mobile compatible gaming titles, which are in the region of over 350 games to date. At present, the mobile game titles available to players are presented in Flash and HTML5 format, with the idea that all new mobile games, going forward will be available solely in HTML5 format, seeing as though this format is more robust, user-friendly and all-round accessible.

When it comes to new games on offer from Microgaming, players the world over will be pleased to hear that every month sees Microgaming releasing new game titles. One can expect as many as four new game title releases per month. Pretty nifty, right?

Is Microgaming Software Trustworthy?

Being a well-known brand name, with well over 20 years experience in the casino online gaming sector, one would quite easily assume that Microgaming software is indeed a trustworthy software developer.

The fact that this software development company is also the holder of many EGR awards only compounds on this assumption that Microgaming is to be trusted, making it not an assumption, but a known fact.

The awards that Microgaming managed to procure over the years include the following:

  • 2011 winner of the EGR Award for innovation in slot provisions
  • 2013 – 2016 winner of the EGR Award for the poker software category (that is three years in a row)
  • 2017 winner of the EGR Award for the best mobile gaming software

These awards are definitely not easily won, and kudos goes to Microgaming software for nabbing these awards, time and again.

Where can I play Microgaming software game titles?

With over 70 casino online gambling sites affiliated with Microgaming software, the chances of any ardent casino online gaming site player finding a top-notch casino site to join, that is already affiliated with Microgaming is quite high.

The top five casino online gambling sites that we have identified, that have a close affiliation with Microgaming software are as follows:

These casino online gambling sites listed above are literally just a handful of casino online sites that offer each of their players’ a range of Microgaming software game titles to spin out on.


Following its illustrious journey into and within the world of online casino gambling, Microgaming software has indeed blazed a path that is fun-loving, and rife with great mega wins along the way.

From its inception in 1994, to present day, Microgaming software appears to put innovation and a great gaming experience for all of its game title participants as the top priority, which is possibly why Microgaming software continues to provide up-to-date technological improvements to their services, products and game titles on offer.

If you have not given a Microgaming software game title a spin yet, perhaps today is the day, who knows, it may just prove to be your mega win day. Go on, give Microgaming software games a whirl today.