How to Play Andar Bahar Online?

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Andar Bahar Sites

Every day, thousands of players from India play Andar Bahar online. It is one of the most popular card games that you can find at various online casinos.

You don’t have to worry if you are new or if Andar Bahar is unknown to you. It’s easy and simple to learn, understand, and play.

Before we go into more details, you should know that there are two indispensable elements to the game – a dealer and a deck of cards in this game. The game starts when the dealer shows one card called “Joker Card”. After that, he will show one card at a time on each side of the Joker.

One side stands for Andar and another for Bahar. The side that matches the Joker card first is considered the winning side.

What you have to do is to bet before the start of the game. You will bet on one of the two sides, which will win.

It is as simple as it sounds!

Andar Bahar Online

Andar Bahar: Basic Rules

Despite being an engaging card game, Andar Bahar real money game has some standard rules and characteristics you will have to go through before you start playing. These may be a little different depending on the online casino where you decide to play. Anyhow, the basic Andar Bahar rules are the following ones:

  • The cards are cut and the dealer places a single card that all participants can see. If the first card happens to be a spade or club, then the deal will begin with Andar. If it is a diamond or heart, then the dealing will begin from Bahar.
  • Once the face-up card is placed, the players start placing bets. You should predict on which side/pile the card with the same value will appear. Will it appear on Andar or on Bahar. Then cards are dealt alternately to the two piles. 
  • When a card having the same value that was chosen comes up, the round ends.
  • If your bet is on the right pile, you are the winner and you will get your winnings.

For example, if the dealer deals a card of value 5. Your bet is on Andar. The cards are dealt on both piles. If a card having a value of 5 comes on the position of Andar, you will win. If the card comes on the Bahar position, then your choice is wrong, and you lose.

Where to Play Andar Bahar Online?

Even though Andar Bahar is an Indian card game, it has become popular all over the world. Also, you can see this game at many online casinos. Although it is not so much passionate as other online card games such as online poker, it’s fun and a great choice for all levels of players. What’s more, there are some special Andar Bahar sites for you to enjoy numerous betting options and features.

The real question is – are you searching for a platform to play an online Andar Bahar game? If yes, then you can try some of the popular online casinos. However, before joining a new casino site, make sure it is regulated and safe. Also, don’t forget to check the operator’s “Promotions” page and see its latest offers. 

Also, numerous online casinos offer a free version of the game to Indian players. Even some of them provide that possibility for every casino game available on their site.  That’s how you get a chance to play Andar Bahar online multiple times. You wouldn’t have to deposit any money. However, if you win, you will not get any real money either. But you can still play if you want to understand the rules of the game.

Live Andar Bahar

Live casino platforms are for players who love to have a thrilling real-time gaming experience. And when it comes to playing Andar Bahar live, the gaming experience is immersive. During the live game, a dealer handles the pack of cards and controls the gameplay. Most of the online casino operators provide an option to play live casino games on mobile devices too. With cutting-edge technology, fans can enjoy the games anywhere, anytime.

The live games usually come in full HD quality. Also, they allow you to chat and engage with other players and the dealer of the Andar Bahar game. Options such as camera angle settings and gameplay personalization are also available. They really enhance the player’s experience. 

When it comes to the betting limit, you can select an amount that suits you the best. Usually, players place bets via the gaming interface. The player clicks on the chip and card position. As the game continues, the dealer helps you with the placement of the bets. He also talks with the players during the gameplay. In the end, the winners are announced, and the winnings are paid out. Andar Bahar is an immersive online card game with a variety of side bets for increasing the players’ anticipation level.

Andar Bahar Real Money App

This popular card game is not only available on desktop sites but also the mobile devices. There are numerous applications that you can download to play Andar Bahar. Almost every online casino offers a mobile application that can also work as an Andar Bahar real money app. To download the mobile application, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit an online casino of your choice.
  2. Enter their mobile app section and download the mobile app.
  3. Install it and enjoy playing your game.

Andar Bahar Winning Formula

You’ve probably heard about different types of Andar Bahar winning formulas or Andar Bahar tricks to help you win the game. Martingale system is probably the most famous one. It is more of a betting system that was created for online roulette. However, today it applies to other online casino games as well. 

There are two principles of this strategy:

·        Every time players lose, they double their bet.

·        Every time players win, they return to their initial amount of bet.

However, even though this is a way some players play, we wouldn’t recommend any kind of strategy since they have flaws and neither one of them works all the time. Therefore, be wise and don’t let to lose more than you can afford.