How to Play Mahjong Online?

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The good news for all casino enthusiasts is that mahjong online is available in many online casinos. Thanks to technology, you can play your favorite games from the comfort of your home.

Stay with us and discover all you should know about the game before you decide to dive into the world of online casinos.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play Mahjong Online

You can play Mahjong online by following these simple steps:

  1. Find a casino site that offers the game: One way is to read our reviews of Mahjong casino sites that allow you to play Mahjong online games.
  2. Complete the registration process at the casino site of your choice: ensure that you furnish accurate personal information.
  3. Deposit money: After you register, you will be logged in automatically. You must then deposit money into your sportsbook account, using a proven safe method, such as Skrill or any other eWallet.
  4. Claim the Mahjong Bonus: Claim the welcome bonus or any other Mahjong promotional offers at the site after you first read the terms and conditions and qualifying requirements, if any.
  5. Begin playing the Mahjong online game: Once you have made your first deposit, you can start enjoying the game. You can download a mobile app at some sites so you can have all the games right at your fingertips.
  6. Withdraw Winnings: You can use the same route you employed to deposit money to withdraw your winnings.
  7. Complete KYC: You must provide any other appropriate documents as well as a utility bill to help verify your identity before you can cash out on winnings.
Mahjong Online

Top Mahjong Casinos

The following are some questions that must be answered when you choose the best Mahjong online casinos:

  • Apart from Mahjong online games, does the casino have an exhaustive list of gaming options?
  • Does the site have multiple withdrawal and deposit options, including the payment provider you use most often?
  • Does the Mahjong casino provide 24×7 multilingual customer service to solve such common issues you may face as difficulty in withdrawing money or a bug you want fixed?
  • Does the casino offer attractive welcome bonuses and loyalty programs?
  • Do reputable regulators license the casino?
  • Does the Mahjong casino safeguard your data via encryption with SSL certification and data encryption technology?

But your search for the best Mahjong online casinos ends right here, at Read our in-depth reviews, in which we give you comprehensive information about online casinos, including details about bonuses offered at these sites, and arm you with strategic tips you can use to optimize your gaming experience.

Basic Mahjong Rules

In a Mahjong set, you will find 144 tiles, comprising of three suits. Each player is dealt 13 tiles, except the player determined as the dealer who will be dealt 14. The dealer discards a tile, and the player to his right can either pick the discarded tile or take one from the wall before discarding one of his own tiles. The process is repeated in counterclockwise turns, and the round ends when a winning player forms a valid Mahjong hand defined as three sets and a pair. This is the basic form of Mahjong, which has many versions with varied rules with regard to scoring.

Mahjong Solitaire is also played with 144 tiles arranged in a four-layered pattern on the board. The player’s goal is to match pairs of identical tiles. The game ends when the board is clear of tiles. You can only move a tile that can slide off the board without being blocked by any other tile. However, the game is considered lost if it is inconclusive because the player cannot pair all the tiles. In some versions of Mahjong Solitaire, a player can undo moves and shuffle the board.

Mahjong Strategy

Once you get your tiles, analyze them and try to figure out how many tiles you would need for the shortest route to victory. By learning the value of tiles, you can decide the order in which you can get rid of them.

You can use the ploy of not separating your tiles to keep your opponents guessing. While the free tiles you pick off the board are important, remember to keep an eye on your blocked tiles as you try to plan ahead.

Also, keep in mind that there is no universal mahjong strategy that works for each player. These are some of the most common methods some people use while playing the game. However, nothing is guaranteed.

Free Online Mahjong Games vs. Real Money Play

There is no denying the thrill and perks that playing Mahjong online or any other games can entail. But you can always enjoy playing Mahjong without having to bet any money. There is a classical version of the game as well as the Solitaire version, both of which will allow you to have fun without staking your own money.

When you play Mahjong online or any other game for money, you can easily become addicted to gambling, leading to a crisis in every aspect of your life. You must prevent such addiction by staying informed about how you can avoid getting addicted. Never hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it.

The important thing is to treat Mahjong online or other gambling games as a way of having fun and not as an income-earning activity. Anyway, the free demo play is a good thing since it helps you to see what the game has to offer before you start to play for real money.