How Do Free Spins Work?

Here is all the info needed on how do free spins work!


If you consider yourself to be anything of an avid casino online game player, you will no doubt have heard the term ‘free spins’ being thrown around on countless occasions.

Being an avid casino online game player, you will no doubt be fully aware of what a ‘free spin’ actually is, yet there are those players out there that are not avid or ardent casino online game player as yet, and are still novices when it comes to online casino gambling and are not quite familiar with all the processes and procedures that accompany excellent online casino gameplay.

Should you happen to reading this article, and would like a bit more clarification in terms of what exactly a ‘free spin’ entails, how a free spin works and if going on the hunt for free spins will further your casino online gaming know-how or not, then by all means, please continue to read on to gain some quality knowledge on the basics of casino online gameplay and how to get yourself to the avid casino online game player status.

What is a free spin and how does it work?
A ‘free spin’ is simply a free chance to take up a spin on a casino online slot machine game. In other words, a free spin is a chance to spin on any given slot game without having to wager or place a bet on the slot machine game in question. The spin in question will not be deducted from the online game players’ casino gaming account, but will instead be added to the game player’s bonuses attached to said gaming account.

Each free spin could fall within a number of various types of free spin offers, which could be any of the following as mentioned below.

Types of Free Spins Offers

No deposit free spins

This type of free spins offer is generally offered to new customers to a casino online gambling site, as a means to entice new players to sign up to join the said casino online gaming site. What this type of free spins offer entails is giving the new player a promise of a specific number of free spins on a predetermined online slot machine game, without the new player having to make any kind of deposit into their newly created gaming account. Usually, the only criteria needed to qualify to be able to receive this no deposit free spins offer would be for the potential player in question to successfully sign-up to the said casino online gaming site and register to join the player community accordingly.

What usually accompanies this type of no deposit free spins offer is a wagering requirement that acts as a type of safety net for the casino online gaming site, in that any abusive players would be weeded out, due to the need to have to at least wager a certain amount of times in order to cash in on any winnings incurred during this no deposit free spins bonus offer.

Free Spins No Wagering Requirements

This type of free spins offer is a little bit different to the type of free spin offer as mentioned above where there would be no deposit required for the above type of free spin offer. In the instance of the no wagering requirement free spins offer, most often a deposit is required. What this type of free spins offer entails is not being made to adhere to a wagering requirement in order to cash in on any winnings incurred while playing the free spins given in this online casino bonus offer.

The fact that a deposit is usually affiliated with this type of bonus is merely due to the risk factor, on the side of the casino online gaming site that is offering the free spins offer, as the casino online gaming site would not want to lose out due to abusive players taking advantage f their generosity, therefore the initial criteria whereby players will determine if they qualify for this type of no wagering requirement free spins offer, is usually to make a deposit into their casino online gaming account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to free spins and the types of offers that accompany the mention of free spins in the casino online gaming world, there tends to be a few common questions that are asked by online game players, looking to take up any given free spins offer.

Here are just a few of these frequently asked questions, that may add to the knowledge gained with regards to the free spins offer and how it works.

Can a player win real money with my free spins offer?

In a nutshell, yes, it is wholly possible for you, as an online casino game player to take up the free spins offer, and win real money while playing out the spins on the house. What will need to be clarified before actually cashing in and withdrawing any winnings is whether the free spins offer that has been taken up has stringent wagering requirements attached to it, and whether or not you as the player have met these wagering requirements accordingly. Usually, a wagering requirement could be anything from 25x to 50x the deposit made, or original bet size made. It is advised to make double sure that all Terms and Conditions of any given free spins offer is thoroughly understood before taking up any free spins offer accordingly.

Is this free spins offer for real? What is the catch?

Most times players will not believe their luck, when met with a free spins offer, especially one that does not have wagering requirements, or a free spins offer that does not require any deposits to be made. As with most things in life, if it appears to be too good to be true, odds are it si too good to be true, and it is again advised to read the Terms and Conditions of all free spins offers carefully and thoroughly. As mentioned above, should a free spins offer be declaring that it is a no deposit required type of free spins offer, chances are that there will be a strict wagering requirements that will indeed be adhered to. Should the free spins offer be referencing a no wagering requirement type of offer, odds are that there will be a minimum deposit that will have to be made, in order to qualify to receive this type of free spins offer. Always read the fine print.

Can I play these free spins on any slot game that I choose?

The answer to this question is not as cut and dry as one may expect. It really all depends on the casino online gambling site in question. Some online casino sites will follow a theme for their promotional bonus free spins offer, whereby only certain game titles that fit the chosen theme would be available to grab the spins on the house on. Some online casino gaming sites like to make use of the newer slot game releases, this way promoting the new additions to their casino game titles list. It is really dependent on the casino site in question, and the type of promotional offer that the free spins bonus falls under. Again, read the Ts & Cs of the free spins offer, to get the finer details of the qualifying criteria.


Given the fact that free spins are indeed a great online casino bonus offer that many online casino players take up readily and enjoy endless hours of gameplay thanks to the free spins offer that casino online it is advised to take up a free spins, if you have not as yet, and get to playing to your heart’s content.