Read here to find out more about Skrill Moneybookers as a payment method when playing online casino games.


Being a keen and eager casino online slot game player, you will no doubt be well familiar with the latest craze to have hit the casino online gambling world, namely: Skrill. If you have not as yet heard of the name, Skrill, perhaps you will have heard it by its once formerly named moniker, namely: Moneybookers.

When push comes to shove, one could easily ask the question: What’s in a name? As Skrill and Moneybookers are indeed one in the same thing: a great alternative to the more conventional payment methods that was once the only option for successful depositing and withdrawing to and from any given online casino gaming account.

What Skrill is, is a rather effective, efficient and wholly easy-to-use payment method that is, in fact, an all-encompassing eWallet system and service.

With Skrill, players are able to deposit straight into their casino online gaming account, only to find that the funds will reflect almost immediately.

Skrill also allows all players that opt for this mode of payment method at any given casino online gambling site, the option of being able to withdraw any winnings from their casino online gaming account via Skrill nifty withdrawal tool, a process which is proving to be quite a lot quicker than most other banking institutions’ transactions overall.

Why should I choose Skrill Moneybookers?

Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a great payment method option for casino online players, as it is a safe and secure payment option.

The fact that Skrill makes use of a security question, in place of a security code, makes for a novel and unique ways to incorporate an additional level of security to an already secure payment method; this way all Skrill users can rest easy knowing that their funds will remain intact.

Skrill users do not need to part with any sensitive or private information, in order to access any of the funds associated with the Skrill account, therefore users are guaranteed yet another level of security and safety when opting to use Skrill as your chosen payment method, when playing your favourite casino slot game online.


It may be that all ardent casino online players will have already written Moneybookers out as a trusted and go-to source of effortless, efficient and easy-to-use payment method for casino online gaming, but it is clear by the number of casino online gambling sites that offer Skrill as a payment method option, that this eWallet system has by no means come and gone.

Skrill is indeed still a very real payment method option for any ardent casino online player and should be given a try if an effortless eWallet type of payment method is your preferred way to play that oh-so-inviting casino online slot game.

Go all in, check out Skrill as a payment method for yourself, and be in the know as to why so many other ardent casino online players have opted for Skrill as their go-to payment method option while playing.