Depositing by Cheques

Check out all about Cheques as a payment method at online casino gaming sites.


One may have thought that the time for cheques has come and gone, and though you may not be too far off the mark, it must be said that even though the prospect of cheques is fast being phased out, on the whole, there are still a few casino online gambling sites that opt for the Cheque as a form of payment for winners at their casino online site.

Particularly when it comes to paying out withdrawals of money won by a casino online player, casino online gaming sites tend to make the use of cheques as a payment method, something that does not appear to be losing traction in any way, shape or form.

Why Should I Choose Cheques?

When it comes to choosing Cheques as a payment method, it is probably not advisable to go the route of cheques when you, as the player at an online casino gambling site, would want to make a deposit into your gaming account, as cheques are synonymous with taking time to reflect in any account, therefore, should you be wanting to deposit money into a gaming account – going the cheque route is not entirely advisable.

However, when it comes to receiving withdrawals and cashing out any winnings incurred at an online casino gaming site, then the option of using a cheque as a payment method is quite doable – yet it should be mentioned here, that the withdrawal process via Cheques takes just as long to process. Most banking institutions advise up to 7 working days for cheques to process and reflect in one’s account.

The use of a Cheque as a payment method is most commonly used when casino online gaming sites wish to payout a winner that resides in the United States of America, as the use of a Cheque as a payment method is an efficient way to circumvent the UIGEA law in and around the United States of America, this way allowing for players that fall within the jurisdiction of this law to still be able to receive their winnings each and every time – even if it does take some time for them to actually have access to their winnings.


If you are adamant about opting for a Cheque as your payment method, try to only opt for this type of payment method for when you are wanting to withdraw your casino online gaming site winnings.

Although not entirely phased out yet, the use of a Cheque as a payment method when playing at any given casino online gaming site is not the most efficient payment method around, particularly if you as the player are looking to get your hands on your winnings quickly, and effortlessly.

Should you, however, be residing in a geographical location where the UIGEA law is prevalent, then, by all means, opt for the Cheque payment method, as this is one surefire way to ensure you receive your winnings without having to forfeit a single cent.